Thank you for your interest in the O'Connor Music Studio!

Available times are during the day, after school and during early evening for all ages and levels.  

After you register, you will get a confirmation email with the information you need to access the Student Portal. 

If you are a transfer student, please bring your most recent method book(s) and notebook to the initial interview interview.

Prospective students must have a piano, organ or electric keyboard to use for daily practice. 

Preschool students (ages 4-5) are scheduled for 20-minute or half-hour lessons with their parents present.

Beginning children (ages 6 to 9) are scheduled for half-hour lessons.

Youth (ages 10 and up) may be scheduled for half-hour lessons or forty-five minute lessons.

Adults are highly encouraged to take hour-long lessons, but are always welcome to schedule half-hour lessons at first.

I look forward to meeting you!